Happy New Year!!! 2022!!

Wow! A new year has started! 

I could sit here and say I've got all these resolutions for this year. But I dont! 


I've got goals!

Have you set resolutions or goals?

From my past experiences if i set resolutions I'm setting myself up to fail. I put way too much pressure on myself and then give up! 


One of these goals is to start my blog. Im going to use this platform to share with you different aspects of my day to day life through 2022! 

Lets see how it goes haha.


Never done anything like this before so it could go horribly wrong, but you never know unless you try right? 


I want to hear from YOU too!!! If there is something you want me to blog about just let me know, I can review products and let you know what i think too! Or how i use them.

So with that in mind, the topic ill be covering for my first proper blog will be Acrylgel. How i fell in love with it, what turned me to it and why i use what I use! Ill be doing little videos to accompany this blog too! Ill be exploring the different brands and what is available out there in the world of acrylgel too!


Its going to take me a while i know that much!! 


Anyway, if you have got this far, thank you! I look forward to starting one of my 2022 goals with you! 


Happy New Year


Erin xx 

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